The Newest Podcast Monetization Platform + Best Podcasts of 2019

December 06, 2019 Buzzsprout Episode 14
The Newest Podcast Monetization Platform + Best Podcasts of 2019
Spotify gets its act together
RSS spec expansion
What do we think about Podcorn?
2019 Discover Pod Awards
Can you move your show to a different Apple ID?
No more delay on your Spotify stats
The Newest Podcast Monetization Platform + Best Podcasts of 2019
Dec 06, 2019 Episode 14

This week we offer our take on the RSS expansion discussions, Podcorn's new monetization platform, we review the 2019 Discover Pod Awards winners, and jump into the Customer Support Mailbag with Priscilla.

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Check out the 2019 Discover Pod Awards winners to find your next favorite podcast.

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This week we offer our take on the RSS expansion discussions, Podcorn's new monetization platform, we review the 2019 Discover Pod Awards winners, and jump into the Customer Support Mailbag with Priscilla.

Do you want Priscilla to start a Taylor Swift Podcast? Write into us at (10 emails and she's gonna do it!)

Check out the 2019 Discover Pod Awards winners to find your next favorite podcast.

Podcasts we're into:

Have an idea for something we should talk about? Submit a topic in our Listener Suggestions form or post it in the Buzzsprout Podcast Community on Facebook.

Priscilla:   0:00
So a couple weeks ago and a previous episode, we talked about Spotify stats and why they weren't showing up in your stats page and buzz about the buzz, bro. So that is changing. Do you guys know why that is?

Travis:   0:12
Because bless proud is amazing. It's

Alban:   0:17
because they're no longer cashing the episodes, and we're now doing a pass through.

Priscilla:   0:21
That's it. What is it passed through, Kevin? Well, passed

Kevin:   0:25
through is Spotify Eyes term for acting like every other podcast existence.

Travis:   0:36
Welcome back to another episode of bus casts. We've got the usual suspects, plus our very special guest. Priscilla, Thank you for joining us.

Priscilla:   0:43
Thanks for having me, Travis.

Travis:   0:44
So we got a lot of stuff we want to cover today, and we're gonna dive right into it. Alban, why don't you queue up this first topic talking about the our suspect?

Alban:   0:52
Sure. Tres, um, So, lots of conversations the last few days, maybe last week, online, You know, different places in the, you know, podcast. Twitter. Podcast, Podcast. Twitter Podcast. Queer spear. Um, Eva Terra started up a conversation talking about the r s s back and some of the limitations there, and, you know, things they thought could be improved. And then we've seen ah, Todd Cochran talking a bit about expanding the r S s back, and we've seen stuff and pod news about it. So all that I kind of wanted to have a little bit of a discussion about What is the r s s Beck? Why is it important? And maybe some ideas about ways that we could expand it or whether or not that would be a good idea.

Travis:   1:38
Kev, I feel like you're the technical expert on our suspects. Why don't you weigh into the into that aspect?

Kevin:   1:43
Yeah, sure. So just let's start off. We get a little background information on how our SS works. Um, the RCs to Dato Speck is a locked specifications. So all the tags that are in there have been there saying no further expansion is necessary in the specifications. But if you want to expand it, it's always available. And that's because it's XML ing, which shows and expect extensible markup language. And that's what iTunes did where if you look in the process feed today, you'll see a bunch of tags in there that say, you know, like iTunes summary iTunes title, and that was iTunes, extending the specifications. And so that functionality, that ability to do that is open to anybody who wants to do that. That's what these people are talking about. They're saying, Hey, there are There's additional information that we might want to include about our podcast or individual episodes So can we get together as a group and agree that these were things that on the hosting company side and on the podcast app developer side that we would all agree to support and make available to podcasters? So things like transcriptions and podcast donations, um, like controlling merch? Yeah, links to merchandise things. If you want your content cashed or not, those are things that we could add to the specifications. Um or, you know, extend this back and support, and then you just have more control. And so I think it's an interesting idea It's been around for people been talking about for a long time. Um, what we really need is, um, it's kind of a chicken and egg. It's like from the hosting side. Do we support it first, Even though absent supporting it, APS don't want to build it until host support it. And so that's That's I think what they're saying is, Hey, if we got together as a group, we might be able to all agree that if we build it on the hosting side that the actual support on the outside and then everything would work. So

Travis:   3:30
yeah, and

Priscilla:   3:31
I think this

Travis:   3:31
is a really it's a good discussion tohave because one thing that kind of we're in agreement about here bus brought us. We really like the open platform nature of podcasting, right? There's not one single entity that controls the medium, like if you do online video, it's basically YouTube and everyone else. And so we really like the fact that there's all these players that are working to make the podcasting space better. And so, by having discussions about how do we keep the R. S s like the things that we like about the our suspect in the nature of podcasting, but then also make it better As more players are coming in, is more investment in technology is getting created around podcasting. How do we continue moving the ball forward while still keeping what makes podcasting special? And so that's why I'm optimistic about the conversations that are having around that everybody's having around our suspect and coming up with ideas of how do we make podcasting better? How do we make it more engaging? How do we make it a better listener experience? So that way it will continue to grow and will continue to flourish, and that will help all of our podcast do better.

Kevin:   4:34
Yeah, and the great thing about doing it in this way through our SS is that everything is based on the two auto specks of those, like the required fields. Anything on top of that is optional. So let's say, as a host and we join this conversation with these other hosting companies and we all get together and we decide to add merchandise links or something. So maybe at some point in the future, you log into bus sprout in there and under your podcast settings, you see a link for merchandise sales or whatever. Um, you could do it or not do it. It would never break everything like historically, it wouldn't mess up the podcast spec if you didn't have that or he didn't decide to sell merchandise. So there's really only upside to doing stuff like this. There's not a lot of downside. The downside, of course, could be that when we try to support all this new stuff, like if it goes too far, then when you log into your bus right account, there's just like fields and fields and fields of stuff, and you're not sure? But, of course, something that we take very seriously a bus route is making things simple. And so that's what she starts playing in my head is. If we as we extend it, we want to make sure that we don't over complicate things as well. But that would be, you know, that's you. I'd design and development. So, um, but yeah, it's just things that were starting to think about. I'm glad that the conversations it seemed to be picking up a little bit of steam. Um, I don't know. I think the first conversation that they suggested would be at podcast evolutions in February. Is that right album

Travis:   5:59
for a new media summit? One of those,

Alban:   6:02
Yeah, one thing that I think is very positive, but I don't know exactly. I don't remember where they were talking about having the first meet up. But, um, one thing's positive is if you don't include it into some kind of spec. What ends up happening is a kind of ends up stuff. Starts living on Lee and Spotify and Spotify is like a up, you know, put in your merch link into Spotify on Li lives and Spotify and then somebody like overcast or pocket casts that may not have the enough listeners that they can push people like, hey, podcasters log in and do something special in my app. Then they miss out and we're in a really cool ecosystem because we're all building off of the same R s s back and or additions to that and so everybody can make, you know, decide how to do it. We have a really cool, thriving ecosystem. Um, when we talk about specifics, some of the specifics to me are not that exciting. So, like a podcast merch link isn't that exciting to me? I think wolf, we need that. That's a good spot for show notes. Um, I know that James Cridland had some really interesting ones about saying, Hey, I don't know you guys cashing my audio, which that makes sense. We've had issues with that in the past. And, hey, I don't need to transcribe my podcast. And with a lot of companies transcribing, that's a pretty reasonable one. Those air kind of, um they're similar mark up for at the S E s space. You can say I don't want this to be in featured snippet, or I don't want you displaying my content in this way. Um, so those are a little bit more interesting to me. I'd want to Seymour maybe proof of concept of where's a time where somebody who's building an APP wants to include some cool information in the app that it would need to be specified. And when I saw, I think that would be kind of like the proof like this is a good idea because of an app would use it. And it would be valuable to a person that definitely it would be valuable for people like us broader Lipson to support that inside the new spec. Yeah,

Travis:   8:09
and you want whatever the extension becomes to be applicable to most podcasts. Right? So the merch example, I agree, is not like the best example, because it's like what points to 5% of podcasts have merch store. And so it's not like while we're doing this great thing for podcasting. It's doing this great thing for people that already have an online presence.

Alban:   8:29
Yeah, trust. I think your point kind of is well taken because why do you really? I don't know if you need, like, a merch button inside the app like Smash that merch button road quick.

Travis:   8:39
That's right, baby.

Alban:   8:40
Some like, Hey, here's a link to the transcript and you can actually they could actually pull it and get the full transcript. You get kind of a cool thing where you're listening to the podcast and you know what

Priscilla:   8:53
do they say there

Alban:   8:53
and could actually look at your app and see the words scrolling by So we haven't really thought through everything yet, but there's some that kind of piqued my interest and say That's actually really cool idea. And there's others that I'm like I can see that might just be We're adding something extra, so it'll be really interesting, I think, over the next few weeks and months to see what kind of ideas air floated. What kind of proof of concept there might be and, uh, obviously Well, check in and let everybody know what we see.

Kevin:   9:24
Have you guys all seen the new Apple Podcasts update? Not Apple pocket. Sorry. Apple Music Update where they show lyrics. No. Okay, so it's pretty amazing. And apple music Now when you click on lyrics, they've got a great you I for how they display less, right? I'm I don't know Spotify pressure.

Priscilla:   9:39
Spotify shows lyrics not on all songs, but right. But that's something

Kevin:   9:42
that would be amazing to bring to the podcasting world, which is just remind me that his album was talking about that. And you would need probably shows to kind of provide their own transcript because app developers being really transcripts on the fly is probably super difficult. I'm not an app developer, so I don't know, but I imagine super difficult. But a lot of our show's already do transcripts of providing a link to that full transcript so app developers could pull him in and then trade a cool you II around. Showing the transcription as you listen to podcasts would be fantastic.

Alban:   10:08
That was literally the u. I was thinking of what I was talking about, that because I love that. I'm listening to a song and you can click that button and then, like, scrolling by and you're like, Oh, that's what they're saying. Like I always had missed that. Leary, there's some cool stuff today. Popcorn is putting out put out a press release about some new stuff that they launched. Um, I didn't know this. Do you guys know fame? Bit is Yeah. Yeah. All right. So fame bit, um, actually was acquired by YouTube. But what it was doing was connecting, um, influencers in the YouTube space with brands so that it wouldn't be something like, Hey, here's an ad. It would be more like, Here's my YouTube video showing you how I set up this WordPress template to build a website and you may not actually know for sure that it was paid for by that WordPress temporal

Kevin:   11:00
you would they have to disclose it?

Alban:   11:02
They do.

Travis:   11:02
Yeah. Yeah, they change that. That's so now there's, like, a sponsor tag on the video, and they they have to do disclosures, but yes, So

Alban:   11:10
that so if I zoned out for 10 seconds, I may not have noticed it, but

Travis:   11:13
well, it's the difference between ads and content marketing. Right as they're facilitating content marketing with brands,

Alban:   11:18
right, so is acquired by Google. And then what? They've done it, They've started pod corn and the idea is that they're going to do this similar thing. They're gonna connect a brand to a podcast, and so they can create some cool branded content. And it seemed a little bit. There's some stuff I thought that we kind of would like out of it and some things that we may have taken a different. We may think differently about it, but it seemed a little bit more up our alley than maybe dynamic add insertion stuff. So what do you guys think? Did you guys read the press release? What did you think about this idea?

Travis:   11:53
Well, I think just in general anything that reduces friction with implementing some of these strategies, especially if it's not just for like, the top end shows, I think it's just as a whole beneficial because it does give you options right so you can choose to use, you know, the affiliate marketplace. If your bus route user, you can choose to sign up for something like popcorn. If you want to do sponsorships, and you think I'll be a good fit for your audience, like So I'm I'm in favor of these technologies coming out to reduce friction and give podcasters more tools. Um, I think at the end of the day, I always ask myself, How is this company making money? And does that affect how I'm gonna make money if I start working with them, right? And why the product to remind the customer. And so So that's something that I want to see, just kind of how it shakes out, how they're kind of their long term financial plan is for probability, cause or another VC backed Um, so that's how they've launched is with other people's money. So be interesting to see how they plan on making money. It'll probably be taking a cut from either the You know, what you make is a podcaster or charging brands to be able to be listed in their platform. Um, so it'll be interesting to see, but I think it's a hole. It's it's It's hard to say that it's a bad thing when more people can have more options. Toe monetize

Kevin:   13:07
a podcast. Yeah, I think It's the most interesting question that you just asked is How did they plan on making money? I don't know for sure. So so don't quote me on this, but my impression is that they never They never flipped the switch, the monetization switch with fame bit. I think they just got bought out. And so if that's their plan in the podcasting space, then I start to wonder, Well, who would buy them out? And what would that mean for independent podcasters? Um, but I don't know. I don't know. That's not a reason to use them. It's just it's just an interesting thing to think about and to make sure that we are mindful as we step into these, you know, the new opportunities and tools that come into the space. Um, the other thing that they're doing that concerns me a little bit is they're doing a prefix girl, which makes sense because they want to track your place right. They want to know how often your podcast is getting listened to, and the easiest way for them to do that is to have you put in a prefectural. So then every time somebody request one of your episodes. It's their server first, then redirects to your host. Like probably both sprout and then we record to play that way. They don't have to rely on us providing them stats. They don't have to worry about integrations or anything. It's it's an easier way for them to get into the market. Um, the concerning thing about that is now there have the ability to a lot of the I p address of every single one of your users. And then what they do with that I p address? We don't know. Um, so it's It's a question that I would like for them an answer. We might reach out to them. The email. We might reach out to all of our prefix, partners the email and figure out exactly what they're doing with listener data just so we can disclose it to our customers. When you shoot us a sport request and say, Hey, can you add this prefix for chargeable or for pod track or for popcorn or anybody else? Um, you shouldn't necessarily do that without being informed, and and since all of our customers aren't necessarily aware of all of the things that they can do with that data. I would like both sprout to take that on and figure out. What are they doing with the data? How long are they keeping the data? Are they, um, I cross referenced cross referencing it with other databases. Are they tracking your listeners basically and making sure that we're communicating it back to our users as they're asking questions? Like, Can you just drop in this prefix for May? Not nationally knowing everything that's going on behind the scenes.

Alban:   15:22
There's another issue that is actually, now we're going down this path. I'm actually like popcorn. I like a lot of what they're doing, but with any of the prefix you are l's issues. It's always another point of failure. And so if someone's requesting an episode for the episode to be downloaded every one of the prefix you or else and some people are loading up multiple every one of them, those servers has to respond quickly. And then it goes to your host route. And so with, you know, if you'd set up two or three of those, you're you've now got a four times more likely chance that that episode fails and goes down, though I'm kind of wondering how much of a that's worth worrying. Do we have any instances? Purcell, where one of the prefixes wasn't working and was not letting shows download

Priscilla:   16:11
known. And that's not common, that that kind of a thing comes in, at least not something I've seen on any kind of regular basis in our

Alban:   16:18
support. Okay, so maybe it's a little bit of an overblown anxiety, but I do kind of think like if we start adding, you know, all these different things. We had Maur chances for there to be some sort of a failure along the way.

Kevin:   16:32
Yeah, theoretically, you could have pod track and charitable and popcorn all as prefixes right away. Yeah, and theoretically, that would work. That would actually be the limit, because Apple podcast says that they would not support up to more than five redirect so they won't follow it. Yeah, that's ah, right. They won't follow redirect after the 5th 1 And so, if you had pod track redirecting too chargeable, that's too. Then redirecting to popcorn. That's three. Then two buds sprout is four, and then Buzz Sprout kicks you off to our CD in for actual food delivery. That's five. So that's your limit. Um, but yeah, I don't think we have anybody who's ever written and said I want all of them. No, but it is a good point that you bring up that at any point, if any one of those service's goes down now, you're not just relying on bus brought on our network being up. But now you're also relying on popcorn first or chargeable contract.

Alban:   17:23
You could be in a weird situation cause you reach out to support. You're like, Hey, what's going on? Bus brought. My episodes aren't live. What were we don't have any problems. What prefix you or else do we have here? Okay. Does it look like Charles? Okay, Charles, up. Okay. Is popcorn up yet? Up. Okay. What else do you have, hook? Oh, you've got this other one hooked up. Yeah, that's speed burner, right? There's a lot of different points of failure. One

Priscilla:   17:48
of the

Alban:   17:48
things that interested me when we're looking this popcorn thing was, they said only 15% of podcasts are monetizing out of the 700,000. There's only about 15% that air monetizing. And I kinda wanted to ask the question. Do we? I think that that that number is accurate. Um, because I think what they were using, what they're actually running ads or they're some kind of branded content. But one thing we keep stressing all the time is that monetizing a podcast does not always mean at's like somebody paying you money to do something with your podcast. Sometimes you're doing something for yourself. Um, so I don't know, I wanted to ask is does that number feel right to you?

Travis:   18:31
Well, in whenever you see the 700,000 podcasts number, that's 700,000 that are currently listed in apple podcasts. More than likely of those, a large chunk of them are inactive. And so so even that 15% grows. Just when you take out the shows that aren't currently putting out new episodes, Um, so So I think the 15% kind of taking that into account could be accurate. I think what is interesting is as more and more monetization strategies become mainstream, whether it's Podkoren throwing their name in the in the ring and getting more people into the sponsorship model, which I'm guessing is gonna be CPM based. If they're adding a prefix, you are l um I think, yeah, I think I think it's a relatively accurate number. But then, beyond that, just thinking through all these different strategies, you know there is the sponsorship model. There's the affiliate model. You sell your own products. You can sell merge, but you can even get even more creative with it. Like album mentioned where you have existing business, you can just use it to drive awareness and leads for your business or on boarding clients. Or, you know, serving your accompanied out People within your company be more effective of their jobs like there's so many different ways that you can track financial gains from your podcast content that I do agree that it's it's a little misleading to say This is the number of podcasts that are making some sort of prophet as a result of the podcast, because often the link is very indirect.

Alban:   19:59
Yeah, I mean, the one that popped into my brain was, um, a friend. Reggie has a podcast about cyber security, and he's doing all this like stuff. He's a programmer now. You just security And he was talking to me about, like all these people reaching out with job offers for him. And I was like, You know, that podcast is monetized. Because if he gets a big raise because he has this podcast, he's built a name for himself. That is a mantra station that would never show up. Um, on any of these

Travis:   20:31
charts. Yeah. Like how I got to tell the bus route was I was making podcasts and doing a lot of content marketing, and it just lined up where? Bus route. You know, Kevin and Tommy and everybody here was like, Hey, we're looking for someone with those kinds of skills to help our our customers. Would you like a job here? And so that podcast got monetized, right Where now is able to actually quit My previous career is a rocket scientist. And now be a full time content creator, which is amazing. Yeah,

Priscilla:   20:59
you're a rocket scientist.

Travis:   21:01
I was a rocket scientist before this.

Priscilla:   21:03
Oh, wow.

Alban:   21:04
Rigby, do you really have a aerospace engineering degree?

Travis:   21:07
That is correct.

Alban:   21:08
So that's two. Because, Tom, that was Tom's degree as well.

Travis:   21:10
It's funny. Yeah. Graduated cum laude with a space and get angry. All

Alban:   21:18
right, And the next thing that I really want to talk about was discover Pots. 2019 awards have been awarded. The finalists were announced. We all voted on him and then some people one. None of the podcast that I reckon I nominated one. Maybe I'll read off a couple of the winners, and you guys can tell me if you have any thoughts. So the number one best podcast best overall podcast was 99% invisible any ah, with Roman Mars. Great show made in sunny Oakland, Calif. Zero, he says.

Kevin:   21:54
Yeah, uh, gosh, what to say about it? It's such a great show. I mean, I could just listen to Roman Mars. Just talk you carry your mother's

Priscilla:   22:04
voice is so it's amazing.

Kevin:   22:06
Um, but yeah, totally interesting perspective and take on things that you see every day and don't necessarily know all the that went into it with the story behind it or how it was designed. How is created? How is envisioned if you haven't listened to it? I mean, they have hundreds of episodes to just scroll through and find a topic that sounds somewhat interesting and most likely it will hold your attention for the full hour great show,

Alban:   22:31
and the runner up was swindled. Does anyone know what swindle this?

Priscilla:   22:34
No, I heard It's

Travis:   22:36
a newer, true crime podcast. I believe,

Alban:   22:38
man. True crime is so big. There's only so it is not.

Travis:   22:42
It's blowing up, man. It's crazy. How many true crime podcast coming out?

Alban:   22:47
Best new podcast of 2019. Dolly Parton's America.

Priscilla:   22:51
I haven't listened to it, but I kind of want to. Now

Alban:   22:54
what? What is it?

Priscilla:   22:55
I think it's got to be a music podcast, but I don't know. I know nothing about it. Oh, I'm pretty sure it's like

Travis:   23:01
the back story of how Dolly Parton, like, came up and became this country music star. Okay, so

Alban:   23:08
most innovative podcast here Hustle.

Travis:   23:11
I mean,

Alban:   23:12
so Davis huge here. Hustle fan. Um, Well, yeah, that's a definitely a cool podcast.

Travis:   23:18
It's It's a podcast interviewing inmates inside of one of the most violent prisons in America, So yeah, definitely, very intriguing.

Alban:   23:27
Um, sports podcast. The number one was sports question mark with Katie Nolan. I think

Priscilla:   23:35
I'm more

Kevin:   23:36
interested in runner up, runner up his horse. I haven't listened to

Alban:   23:39
Okay. I feel like we're totally unprepared for this segment because I don't know any most of these winners.

Priscilla:   23:45
I Yeah, I was looking through them. I don't know. A ton of the winners, you

Kevin:   23:48
know? Look at men in blazers under sports. We hosted them. They're very soccer. You like soccer on

Travis:   23:53
blazers? French, The podcast.

Kevin:   23:55
Yeah, but here's the takeaway is this is a list of some really interesting shows. So if you are looking for new podcasts, check out the awards dot discover pods dot com and there's a fantastic list of yeah of shows.

Travis:   24:08
I'll make sure to drop a Lincoln.

Alban:   24:09
You know what else is actually pretty cool is this is a popular vote. Okay, This is a popular vote pot, uh, thing and a lot of the main ones that one or shows that I mean, all of us listen to it. Quite a few shows. Yeah, and we don't know what they are. Haven't listened to him like I have not listened to the history chicks. I It's kind of cool to go through here and be like, Hey, there's probably a ton of our guests here. That would be really interesting. And, ah, you don't need to be some massive podcast backed by you know, this massive group toe like you can win even if Ah, maybe you're kind of a new podcast, but lots of cool ones,

Kevin:   24:49
Um, great kids and family. I'm looking through this list of kids and family. Um, because my kids are always asking about what podcast they can listen to. So

Alban:   24:59
I feel like I know a lot of these business podcast. I nominated one of the ones that didn't win, but well, I've never even heard of the winner Robin Hood snacks. Have you anyone Listen to that.

Travis:   25:10
I've heard of it. I'm on the email list.

Alban:   25:12
I imagine that's like Robin Hood investing. And they're bite sized little investing tips or something.

Priscilla:   25:19
Yeah. Yeah. I was interested in the music category, which dissect was the winner, which I really like dissect. That's a good podcast. They've got a ton of other ones in there that I'm like, Oh, I'm really gonna go listen to a handful of these

Alban:   25:32
was dissect similar to Song Exploder.

Priscilla:   25:36
It's similar. I think that one. I'm not listen to it a ton, but I think it goes through an album a little bit more specifically Oh,

Alban:   25:41
dissect goes through the album

Priscilla:   25:43
I think you

Travis:   25:44
Were a song. Exploder is the individual songs, right?

Alban:   25:46
Right? Yeah, I've never listen to a song Exploder episode where I a lot of them I don't know the song, and by the end of it, I'm like, I really like this song because so much of the enjoyment of music for me is seeing all the work and thought that went together And it comes together in this song and like their songs, I just thought kind of vapid and there wasn't much going on. And then I listen to songs split her like This is so powerful. There's so much going on here. It's so cool.

Priscilla:   26:15
So dissect is different because it goes through each song in an album. They've done Kendrick Lamar's to Pimp a Butterfly, and they've done, um, Frank Ocean, which is what I was. I had listened to you if they listened to block. Yeah, so is the album was blonde tonight. Listen to a couple songs from there that I really like, so I haven't listened like a full season, but it's really cool stuff, and it goes through like the lyrics and all of the back background. So it's

Kevin:   26:40
a yes Taylor Swift to do a song. Exploder. She's not done one.

Priscilla:   26:44
I don't. You know, I don't have Taylor Swift's number, so I don't know how I would not, however,

Alban:   26:48
after she changed it.

Priscilla:   26:52
All right, Um, I do think

Alban:   26:57
the dissect thing, you you talking about how the little bit of a different wrinkle it has. Remember how, like, sometimes people will be like, Oh, I want to do this podcast But someone else is already doing it, and we're like, It doesn't just because it's pretty similar. You could still put your own spin on it And just think how this pockets are actually gonna end up being very different. One is going, Hey, let's talk about how you build a song and the other one's saying, How does an album come together is a piece of art and it's a very different feel, and they're both doing really well. If somebody had gone, I want to do the album, but there's already Song Exploder, and there's already something else probably not even worth doing. Well, there is one the Discover Pot Award

Priscilla:   27:40
I have discussed with a close friend of mine, who is also a Taylor Swift fan, Um, doing a Taylor Swift podcast where we just go through her songs and just talk about her songs strictly which we could have a ton of content because she has a ton of music.

Alban:   27:55
If you are interested in a Taylor Swift breakdown podcast right into support at bus brought dot com and say I have a request for Priscilla and I want to hear it. And I will now promise if 10 different people right in with that Priscilla will do an episode of the Taylor Swift breakdown.

Priscilla:   28:13
Yeah, I will. I will do an episode of 10 people. Right in.

Alban:   28:17
All right. Nice.

Travis:   28:18
All right. It's on you. The buzz cast listener audience.

Alban:   28:21
Theo, overlap between people who are listening. This podcast it probably what a Taylor swift breakdown is probably pretty.

Priscilla:   28:27
We're gonna write in and say please do not do this. May

Travis:   28:31
surprise you may surprise you. Maybe, Uh, yeah, all this talk about podcasts. I'm always curious, and I'm always interested in what other people are listening to. We just got back from Thanksgiving. A lot of people were traveling. Probably been some podcasts. Tried some things out. Are there any new podcasts that have popped up on your radar recently? That you, uh, that you like that you think is worth recommending?

Alban:   28:51
Eso won that. I have listened to you and I listen to the end of it over the Thanksgiving. Dr. Um he has heard of the happiness lab with Dr Laurie Santos.

Priscilla:   29:03
I have heard of a Yes,

Travis:   29:04
Yes, I am also listening to that.

Alban:   29:06
So I think she was a professor. She is a professor at Yale. I think it's hell. And she basically was like, realizing that people in college are their anxiety levels of skyrocketing. And she's like, It's definitely an issue. And we don't talk about any of the research about being happier and less anxious, and she likes a lot of it to social media use, I think. Um, but anyway, so she's ready to this class, and it was this, like, insane. It was like 1/4 of all of Yale was taking it at the same time. And so she started in this whole course. Unlike, let's talk out what you can do to make your life happier and a little bit more stress free And so then the entire podcast is going through each of these different things. So there's one about negative visualization, and there's an episode about reducing choice. Or did you use to Travis, right?

Travis:   30:02
Yeah. So the one that, uh, the one that sticks out to me was the one about loneliness, Right? What to do when you feel lonely? Um, it's basically not what you feel like doing. But when you choose to spend time with people when you don't feel like it makes you happier And then the other one that I thought was interesting was was talking about essentially expectations like, uh, you know and what you're comparing yourself to? Yeah, one of them. One of the markers that you've seen in your life where you say if I get to this point, then I will be happy where I will feel successful. But that marker is completely arbitrary, like you can make it whatever you want it to be. It could be. I just wanna be able to afford to eat three times today. It's like, Wow, that was amazing. My life is great or man, I'd still don't have that yacht. I'm a failure and just tell, you know, we can set ourselves up to be unhappy simply because of what we're choosing to compare ourselves to. So I thought that was a really good things to think about.

Alban:   30:55
Yeah, there's the episode the one used talk about about, um, you know, being social. And she talked to the guy who invented the 80 m because he was so sick of like, waiting in lines. And then she interviewed his wife and she said, I'll never use an A T M. And I've never used one of my whole life because it's so important to have the small interactions and it's like I would never I couldn't imagine it. Sounds like I couldn't imagine, like, be like, Oh, I'm just never gonna use the attendant. He's like, Okay, it makes sense to me on they, but it really made me. I'm not gone through the self checkout since I listen to that episode like, Oh, it is important to talk to people. And if I'm gonna go check out a target, maybe I'll have a 22nd conversation with somebody. I'm trusting that it's supposed to be important.

Travis:   31:47
Yeah. What about you, Priscilla? Any new podcast in your reader.

Priscilla:   31:50
Um, not so many new ones. But there's some that air real hot right now that I'm really like, um, the one that I feel like I'm looking forward to every week is called sperm cast. Don't freak out by the name. Okay, look, you go it it's, um it's Molly hockey. She's in Los Angeles and she's in her late thirties, early forties and she's looking to have a baby, but she's not married. And so it's her kind of journey of figuring out, you know how to make that happen. And so it's a great podcast because it's pretty much just her. And then she does interviews with other people, and, um, but it's very vulnerable. And she takes you, like into the doctor's offices with her when she has her like, um, meetings, you know, with her consultations with her doctor. And so you kind of see this relationship between this woman and her doctor, which is the sweetest relationship in the world, like he is so supportive of her and then, like she records her conversations with her mom and her friends, and she gives you like weekly updates on where she is, and I'm so invested in her journey of having a baby I so badly wanted to be. Oh, um, but it's a great podcast, and I you know, I'm not looking to be pregnant anytime soon, and so it's It's what I'm enjoying. Enjoying it a ton, even though I don't, you know, have kind of those same, um, needs right now. So it's a great podcast. I really, definitely

Travis:   33:13
want that. That I've never heard off. But that's the great thing about podcasting. You find all these funds fun things to talk about off the reader, right? What about you, Kev?

Kevin:   33:21
Um, sure. I'll give a recommendation. I caught up on, um, a bunch of podcasts. I listen to one of the ones I caught up on was re work, which is the podcast from the team at base camp. And I would recommend the episode called Hell the Internet. It was with their co founder and CEO David Hannah Mayer Hanson. He was just talking about online privacy and the small steps that we can take his individuals to help promote a healthier Internet. And it was very encouraging that, you know, we can make a difference even as individuals that we don't have to be the most biggest players or CEOs of the biggest companies to be ableto change and start moving the Internet and healthier direction. So I love that episode,

Alban:   34:02
and this is one that pretty heavily influenced you right now. I feel like this is where the prefix you are. L Hey, I want to know how people are getting tracked. Kind of stuff has come from right, right? But it's not. It's not all about that. Like

Kevin:   34:13
he does a great job of saying, Hey, as individuals like, how can we make like a steps in a healthy direction? Right? Um, like I don't want to blow out a bunch of spoilers, but he's like, just like being mindful enough of, Like if we're making a book purchase off Amazon like there might be an independent local bookshop that you could buy that from, or even somebody online like, Do we have to have that book tomorrow or in two days? Or can we have it next week and being able to evaluate those decisions in terms of the perspective of you know what's best big picture,

Travis:   34:46
right? That's like, That's like small business Saturday, kind of thinking right instead of, you know, jumping on Amazon and just getting everything. It's like, How can I really actually invest in the people in my community and be more community focused instead of how do I just get things as fast as possible?

Kevin:   35:00
Right? There is a cost for the convenience, and I think what he challenges challenges you think through is Do I really need the convenience or am I just paying the cost even though I don't need the benefit, right?

Alban:   35:11
Yeah, I definitely I mean the one day shipping stuff. I definitely see him myself because I will be like, Oh, yes, get this book tomorrow and then it's It's on my bookshelf for two weeks before I finished the other book, I'm reading to start it and so probably didn't need to be there yesterday.

Kevin:   35:29
And he could have supported an independent bookshop down the street or something. Yeah, Waller.

Alban:   35:34
I worked that for a few years, probably gone. There's

Priscilla:   35:37
a lot of just

Kevin:   35:38
one nice anyway. Great great podcast.

Travis:   35:41
See sa leave links to all the podcast that we mentioned in the show. Notes also leave a link to the discover about awards. She can go and check out that list a lot of great different shows to go and check out. So we want to wrap up this episode with some customer sport mailbag. Have

Priscilla:   36:00
we come up with an official name for this segment yet? Um, wasn't it like a friendship moment? At one point,

Alban:   36:06
I can't. And that was what? Kevin wasn't in the room, and we just We went off the rails.

Priscilla:   36:11
It doesn't really make any sense. Friendship moment had it.

Travis:   36:15
We had a Christmas armistice moments. Wait, let's play football together.

Alban:   36:19
Did someone we had that one episode? I want to do a quick follow up. Anyone right into you and ask for a podcast. Compliment?

Priscilla:   36:26
Yes, we did. We had a handful of people right in and ask for compliments. All seven. I don't know if you were Were you hear on that episode?

Kevin:   36:32
No, but I listen to it

Priscilla:   36:33
s o s o. People were writing in and they said, Hey, will you listen to my podcast and give me a compliment? I could use it, and I did that. So yeah, that's cool. Yeah, it's good. Um, but yes, I have a couple questions. One's a new question than one's. An update on an old question we've already discussed. Done. Done, done. So on the new This new question I have is about your podcast. I d. So when you submit to apple podcasts, you log in and you submit under your podcast I d your apple idea. Yes, sir. On dhe. So the question is, how do you move that to a different I D. Um, and Apple is a little, you know, they have ah, process for that. So what do you guys think? What's the process for moving from one apple? I d to another apple. I t moving your podcast listing.

Alban:   37:19
I mean,

Kevin:   37:20
I know Travis notices because we just moved all of our buzz cast in five minute Mondays and all those under one unified I d I didn't tell us what the answer is, Travis, because you just went through the process.

Travis:   37:31
Oh, the answer is read the instructions that Kevin

Priscilla:   37:33
sends you face. Uh, it essentially

Travis:   37:39
just involves think filling out a form inside of podcast connect, saying these are the R s s feed that I want to move. This is the email for the Apple idea that we're moving it to. There's a verification process so they make sure that you do want to send it to that apple i d. E mail that apple I t e mail gets an email saying, Are you moving the shows? And then they can facilitate that.

Kevin:   38:01
Yeah, it's not too hard at all. You just basically shoot him an email. Tell him who you are, where you what shows you want to be where you wanna go, and then they will write back and say, Hey, drop this code into your podcast feed somewhere and that's when you will reach out to a person. You could do it yourself, or you can reject our support team. We could help you out, but you could just put that in like a tags feel in one of your episodes. Or you could put it in. Um,

Priscilla:   38:22
we usually recommend you put it in the description. It seems to be that that seems to the fastest way for them to find it. Sometimes you can put it in key words, but that doesn't always get picked up. And so I have found that I always recommend my default is the description to put that coat in.

Kevin:   38:36
And then within what, 24 48 hours or so, it would be moved to your new I D.

Priscilla:   38:40
Yeah, it's pretty. Yeah, they're pretty good about it. Cool.

Travis:   38:44
So, yes, you can do it.

Priscilla:   38:46
Yes, and it's not. It's not so bad. So if you need, if you need to do that, that's the process. Um, the second question is really an update on an older question that we talked about so a couple weeks ago and a previous episode. We talked about Spotify stats and why they weren't showing up in your stats page and buzz about the buzz, bro. And we talked about how there was a delay. It, you know, 2 to 3 day delay from when your play happens in Spotify and when it shows up in Buzz Sprout. So that is changing has changed. I believe so. There should be no more delay. Do you guys know why that ISS,

Travis:   39:20
because bus proud is amazing,

Priscilla:   39:23
that it's

Alban:   39:24
because they're no longer cashing the episodes and we're now doing a pass through?

Priscilla:   39:29
That's it. What is it passed through? Kevin? Well passed

Kevin:   39:33
through is Spotify eyes term for acting like every other podcast existence. So, um yeah, Spotify calls it pastor. Everyone else just calls it normal. Basically, when you're listening to an episode that is host on bus sprout now through Spotify, it's actually coming from bus sprout You say get cash and served from Spotify servers. Now it's passing through Spotify getting started about sprout just like everywhere else. So your stats are more real time Yes, and no longer delayed, which is good and, um, healthy for an open, independent podcast ecosystem. Which is also why the buzz Sprout shows our in house podcaster. Now back on Spotify. All

Alban:   40:17
right, so you might be listening to this on Spotify right now and the play is passing through Spotify right to the bus route servers as your streaming

Kevin:   40:25
it. Yeah, so congratulations, Spotify. I'm really excited that they decide to take that step. I think it's healthy and good, and I am no longer upset with them about cashing everyone's come

Priscilla:   40:38
pro Spotify. You should see this lot of Kevin's face right now. Big old smile

Kevin:   40:43
was a really good move. It's

Travis:   40:45
just so creatives when you, like, actually don't upset the industry. You know, like you just play nice with others. It's a wonderful thing.

Kevin:   40:53
Yeah, and that was Ah. Ah. Lot of hosts work together, I think, to talk with Spotify and they were receptive and listened. Simple casted a lot of work with them. So shut up. Simple cast on the lips in was probably in there as well, as well as us and Spotify listen and did the right thing. And so it's it's just great.

Priscilla:   41:10
Yeah, well, that's those air. All of the support questions that I have. Travis says to

Travis:   41:14
thank you so much, Priscilla. So if you enjoyed this podcast episode, make sure that you ah, you know, leave us. Ah, leave us a comment over in the bus sprout podcast community on Facebook, the most happening podcast community in the world. I'm a little biased

Priscilla:   41:28
with an air

Travis:   41:28
horn right there, but yeah, definitely. Go and make sure that you joined that community. And, uh, yeah, if you have any thing that you want to talk about in the future on this podcast, there's a link in the show notes. You can go and submit a one question for him. Let us know what kind of stuff. You want to talk about what kind of stuff he wants to cover. And Alba is giving me a face like he really wants to say something.

Alban:   41:48
And if you want to listen to a Taylor Swift breakdown podcast, you need 10 of you to write in to support at bus brought dot com and asked Priscilla to make it. I will love it if this is, this actually kicks off a podcast. So? So I know you want to make it. And if there will be 10 people who want to listen to it, I'm sure it will

Travis:   42:06
happen. Awesome. So make sure you take action there. The awesome Bus Sprout hype Squad. Ah, or whatever. We're gonna call our audience. Anything fun names

Alban:   42:17
found the founding listeners

Travis:   42:19
founding listeners. Awesome. Talk to us next. Next time, keep our gassy. Keep

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